Endpoint Management™

Endpoint Management™

Endpoint Management (EpM)* is a pattern sub-threshold retinal laser therapy that uses a unique
algorithm to control laser power and pulse duration, optimizing the therapeutic effect of the laser at sub-visible levels.

Endpoint Management is
mathematically precise

The Arrhenius Integral coupled with extensive data on retinal laser-tissue interactions defines the algorithms for Endpoint Management. By use of this formula, heat induced changes in the retina are controlled as Endpoint Management simultaneously modulates the laser power and duration, providing linear control over a non-linear process.

Landmark™ Patterns

The Landmark feature is a useful tool for tracking the sub-visible areas which have been treated, assisting with the treatment process and taking the guesswork out of successive treatments.

Easy Operaion

The yellow dots displayed on the user interface treatment pattern display indicate the laser spots that will be delivered using the energy level set by Endpoint Management. While Endpoint Management is active, the red dots indicate the laser spots that will be delivered at the titration energy level (“100% level”) and will provide the “Landmark” reference points outlining the treated area.

*EpM is optional software.

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