The Combined Result of Optics and Technology

A complete Slit Lamp with expanded magnification range, digital ready, LED illumination and infra red capability.

Key Features

Optical Quality

With more than 85 years of experience in lens manufacturing, Topcon produces all the optics to outfit its instruments, providing excellent lens quality and a bright, clear view.


Topcon Slit Lamps are ergonomically designed for comfortable use. The SL “D” Series employs converging binocular tubes with a comfortable parallel magnification.


Variety of models in different configurations from basic clinical observation to sophisticated image capture. The Topcon series will satisfy any need and budget.

LED Illumination

As a leader in Ophthalmic Instrumentation, Topcon is incorporating LED as the main illumination in some models of its slit lamps. The lifetime of the LED is substantially longer than conventional halogen bulbs. LEDs don’t need frequent replacement making Topcon slit lamp environmentally sound.

Blue Free Filter™ System*

Topcon Blue Free Filter observation can be performed by using the incorporated exciter filter and the optional barrier filter for slit lamp.

*Images provided by Toru Noda, M.D, Department of Ophthalmology, National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center *Optional accessory

Blue Free Filter
Cobalt Blue Filter

Amber Filter

The SL-D Series incorporates an amber filter, which can be easily inserted or removed to improve the contrast and color depth of posterior segment images.

Non Amber

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SL-D series Brochure

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